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Making improvements requires the right expertise. For us, this means drawing upon the perspectives and experiences of stakeholders, including your teams, patients/service users, carers, and partners in the delivery of your services.

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Establishment of Lived Experience Co-production Groups

We can help establish lived experience co-production groups to partner with your organisation for improving services. The groups bring together individuals with first-hand experience of a particular issue to identify gaps, improve service design and delivery, inform strategies, and support better outcomes. By working together in such groups, we gain collective knowledge leading to more effective solutions and positive changes for everyone. 

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Design of Co-production Framework

A co-production framework is crucial for successful public service delivery. It provides a clear route and governance structure for information to flow from co-production groups through to your organisation’s strategic committees. With a framework in place, teams can easily connect with people with lived experience to gain insights and co-produce rapid improvements. We co-design frameworks by involving stakeholders at every level. 

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Embedding Co-production into Practice

This workshop helps staff recognise and challenge preconceived notions about working with people with lived experience. Through discussions and practical exercises, participants will learn to examine their assumptions and biases and develop a deeper understanding of the benefits of co-production. By the end of the course, participants will gain the skills, and confidence to work more effectively with this important stakeholder group.

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