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I would like to personally thank you for all your support over the last few months. You really have made a difference and have provided us with a platform for us to drive forward our QI agenda. I can’t thank you enough for the work you have done in creating our QI framework and associated procedures. Our staff team have spoken really highly of your support and involvement, being able to work flexibly around them and their work-life commitments.
Associate Director- Quality and Governance
NHS Foundation Trust
Our working relationship has enabled the delivery of many facets to the quality agenda, and has been instrumental in providing the oversight and identifying frameworks to put in place to assist the delivery of the quality agenda within patient safety and effectiveness.
System Director of Nursing and Professional Practice
NHS Foundation Trust (Project completed on behalf of of Xlyem Resourcing)
Laura and Lilian have been working with us for most of the last twelve months. They have proven themselves very capable of helping health professionals working at different levels in the system and with different levels of knowledge to work through the real meaning of quality improvement. They help people to relate to their patients’ experiences and to see that every interaction is an opportunity to make things better. They work really well as a team and complement each other’s skills and experience very effectively. Their work with respect to primary care and care homes is particularly timely. We look forward to working more with them in coming months to help achieve the major culture change required.
Managing Director
Independent organisation specialising in leadership & organisational development
Southend CCG and Castle Point & Rochford CCG engaged L & L consultancy to undertake a 6-month targeted piece of work around Personalisation and Personal Health Budgets. The purpose of the task was to work with CCG staff to start to change the mindset regarding establishing Personalisation and PHBs as part of the normal considerations and to establish, coach and support personalisation champions within the organisation to develop the personalisation agenda toward Business as usual. L & L Consultancy has been flexible and proactive and supported the CCG to significantly improve its Personalisation offer, which continues to be further developed internally. I would have no hesitation recommending their approach as a positive experience, which did achieve the commissioned outcomes and has supported the CCG with Quality Improvement.
Deputy Accountable Officer
NHS commissioning organisation
L&L visited us at Ipswich Hospital to provide teaching around quality improvement. By 'us' I mean doctors in training to become GPs. For anyone thinking about contracting L&L, I can say the following. The words, Audit/Quality Improvement Activity/Quality Improvement Project... what do these really mean within the hearts and minds of the individuals within your group? What is their real understanding about what quality improvement is; do they value it as fundamental to the workplace (or any endeavour); and how do they think it is actually done in practice? Within the afternoon session, L&L took us on a journey of improved understanding, culminating with the palatable realisation that quality improvement isn't just a thing to 'tick off' on your trainee portfolio, nor is it the preserve of colleagues who work in the audit office. Rather, at its core, quality improvement is really about empowerment. Empowering both oneself and all colleagues, to be able to conceive of changes to the workplace (including seemingly very small changes) that might improve outcomes for patients and staff alike, and to see these changes through. L&L provided a fun and energised session, which left us feeling more confident about progressing positive changes to the cultures and systems that we work in.
Trainee General Practitioner
NHS Hospital Trust

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